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Words From Our Guests

We would love to hear how you enjoyed your visit with us! Please send us your kind words and we will add you to our growing list of reviews from our happy fishermen/women! Thank you! We loved having you join us on the sea. – Cal Robinson

Blackfish Charters was and always will be my family’s first choice for salmon fishing on the coast.

Cal is very friendly and helpful to all his guests of all ages , from the first timer to the experienced.

Captain Cal was very knowledgeable on where and when to go for all spices of fish .

The boat is a very well built and equipped with all the latest technology to get you safely on and

off the water and with the ability to walk around and fish from front to back so you can take your family.

If you want to have a time of your life, you will catch lots of different fish and the sites you will see on water

are memories that will last forever.

I’m a repeat customer so if anyone that is going to book and not sure, just give me a call 1-780-723-0464



Clifford Haddock
Edson, Alberta

4 of us hired Cal Robinson from Blackfish Charters Prince Rupert, British Columbia in June 2013. It didn’t take long to be impressed with Cal’s skill level. I don’t know how he knew, but while piloting the boat, Cal would call out ‘fish fish fish’. He knew we had a fish on before we did, and we were manning the rods! Then by the way it was fighting, he knew what it was before you could see it. We limited out on Salmon and halibut, caught some crabs and an octopus, and had time to go sea lion watching.

Cal is very professional and made sure we had everything we needed.

The fish were cleaned by a dock hand and we took the fish to Dolly’s for freezing and packaging (Tip: next time we will use large coolers for our luggage. Each persons allowed one. Then put the luggage into a duffle bag, and use the coolers to get the fish home).

I would recommend Cal to anyone interested in deep water salmon an halibut fishing. I look forward to returning some day.

Darcy Fouts
Ardrossan, Alberta

We went out fishing with Cal in late June 2013. It was a great trip! He was waiting at the dock ready to go when we showed up in the morning. Cal knew exactly where to go for the fish, we instantly started catching salmon when we got out there.

He had a great boat you can stay warm inside or sit out in chairs and enjoy the weather. You can also walk all the way around the boat and fish from any side.

Cal could tell there was a fish on the line before we even noticed it moving, you can tell he is passionate about fishing and really helped us enjoy it. Was very exciting. We also went out for halibut which was more than entertaining, many times all 4 of us on the boat had something on our line. We caught a lot of halibut, along with other things such as sting rays and octopus. Cal could tell us what size/type of fish we had on our line before we even got it in the boat. Cal was so helpful and knew all you could know about where to fish and what bait to use etc. He showed us sea lions and we also stopped on the way back at his crab traps and picked up a bunch.

Cal helped us determine where to bring the fish to get packaged to take home and also had the fish filleted right on the boat for us. Was so easy and neat to watch! He even let us use his truck to take to fish to the packing shop!

Would definitely book another trip with Cal, was such a great trip.

Stacy Driedger

We sure surprised when the fellow that was to take us fishing for a couple days was replaced by Cal. Which was to our benefit.

My partner Paul Taylor of Trotec in Victoria are both experience fishermen. It was great fun to have Cal take us where we needed to be and we worked the gear.

Cal would aid us in suggesting alternatives and he was always ready to give us advice and we were always open to his ideas.

We brought home pretty much something of everything.

Robert Biggs